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Smile by Pengi R
When Brian's marriage fell apart, he never thought he would smile again...
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Welcome to My Confession, a Backstreet Boys fan fiction site that has been around in some shape or form while keeping the Backstreet pride alive since 1999. Now we've taking a little trip around the Block. You can find our Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block and other fan fiction here with stories featuring Nick Carter, Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, Danny Wood and Jon Knight.

Beware, we kind of love Nick and Donnie. Those other guys are cool, too.

- The MC Crew

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Voting is open!

Voting is now open over at the Double Rainbow awards! Make sure to vote for your favorites *cough* Us. LOL! http://doublerainbowfanfiction.wordpress.com/votingdratw/

--Karah on 07/25/14 03:21 am 0 Comments
Thanks for nominating us!

Thanks to whoever nominated us for the Double Rainbow All The Time Awards! We appreciate it <3<3

--K on 07/03/14 12:51 am 0 Comments
Just a little note of appreciation

Hey everybody! As you can tell lately there hasn't been many updates.... we have all been extremely busy. Lisa and Hannah have their own things going on and as for me, I have my own things.

Things at work have been a little hectic and I've been dealing with a little health issue that's taken a toll on my energy and focus. I want to write. I came back from the concert Sunday wanting to write but I just can't find the energy and if I do, by the time I open the file, my focus is gone. I'm getting it worked out so hopefully things will get better. We are still here. We are <i>still</i> coming up with story ideas. I have another idea for after "Dirty Little Secret" is over. I just want to finish it first.

So things have been slow, but don't give up on us :) - <3 K

--K on 06/19/14 02:40 pm 1 Comments
Registration is back up!

Registration for My Confession is now open again!

--K on 06/17/14 07:22 pm 0 Comments