You know what grinds my gears?

You know what I have noticed the last few years or so? People writing off others because of who they talk to. It seems to be a trend in BSB fandom and I, for one think it sucks.

Writing off, blocking…ignoring or whatever you’d like to call it is immature. We are not all going to get along all the time, but if people actually took time getting to know someone rather than going on hearsay, they would learn A LOT. Just because someone talks to another person you do not like doesn’t mean they are “just like their friends” or going to report everything you say to said person. I was taught growing up that EVERYONE deserves a chance. Does it always work out? No. Sometimes it bites me in the ass, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes because I give people a chance I make a good friend out of it. I have even given second and third chances. You will never know if you just block everybody.

If I listened to people every time I was warned about someone else, I wouldn’t have many friends. Friendship is not about everyone liking you or agreeing with you all the time. It is trying new things. That person you just wrote off could have been an awesome person. So give everyone a fair chance, don’t be a jerk.

You could discover a good person among the bad ones.

We’re All Adults Here, Right???

So, as I am sure you are aware, there has been some major stuff going down on Twitter this week leading up to the big wedding on Saturday. While I am not surprised, I am surprised in a way. I started listening to BSB when I was 10, and yes, every girl dreamed that they would marry Nick Carter someday. However, I am now a 26-year old grown ass woman, with a career, a home, a car, and a really cute dog. I don’t have time to marry a Backstreet Boy. I have this amazing thing called a ‘life’.

I’m sure most of you are functioning adults, or at least are pretending to be one. Is it really feasible that Nick is going to notice you on Twitter, after you tweet him 100 times in a day, and he will magically fall in love with you (someone he’s never met), and leave everything behind to take up with you?

In short, no, and it borders on delusional.

I don’t see this kind of outrage directed towards any of the other wives. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cross word mentioned about Kristin, and Leigh pretty much keeps to herself (which is her choice, and I support her regardless).


Nick has grown up a lot in the past few years, and I credit Lauren for a lot of that. It almost makes you forget the ‘old’ Nick (read his book for reference, if needed), and you just see the great man that he has become.


Even if he were to marry you, do you realize that all of this internet hate would then just be directed at you?


In closing, Lauren is a saint, and I am so happy for her and Nick!

Random thoughts

So this is my first time actually writing a blog, here goes noyhing.

This has been kind of a rough week in general and I haven’t been getting a whole lot of sleep because my work schedule is insane. I have all these ideas I want to write when it comes to fanfic. I have an idea for a Frick and Frack centered story that I want to do. I am trying to get more used to writing in first person POV so these little one shots I have been posting are good exercise for me. writing has been a struggle for a couple months now so any suggestion on how to help remedy writers block would be awesome :)

I also got news my hotel for Disney the week of BsB cruise has been¬† booked, so that is good news. I have never been to disney before so if anyone knows good things to do and what to avoid, let me know. I am doing Magic Kingdom, Hollywood and Epcot. Bsb cruise is gonna be fun as well….and two weeks before all that I have New York Comic Con.

I got into cosplaying last year and it felt great. My first one was Sailor Moon and this year I am doing Wicked Lady, who is Sailor Moon’s daughter for anyone thats never seen the anime. Cosplaying has really awoken my confidence because of all the positive feedback I have gotten as a plus size cosplayer.

I just wish I had a BsB show to look forward to this summer, but happy to be doing everything else :)

That’s all for now until next time….

You dance pretty hot, and you know you like my song…

Well, Wednesday’s show was AMAZING! By far one of the best BSB shows to date (The Newcastle/London NKOTBSB shows holding the number one spot) I seriously had such an amazing time. My voice was shot towards the end. Didn’t stop me singing my heart out.

Now for my review. (more…)